Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Other Debt Relief Options

Not everyone who needs debt relief wants to file for bankruptcy. Some indebted people fear that bankruptcy is morally or ethically wrong, that it will cost them their most precious possessions, or that it will hurt their chances for borrowing money in the future.

Whatever your reasons for avoiding bankruptcy, the debt-relief lawyers at Guerrieri, Cox & Associates, LLC. can help you execute an alternative debt-elimination strategy that you are comfortable with. Since 2003, our law firm has been dedicated to helping indebted people in central Ohio to get out of debt and stay out of it.

Reduce Your Debts Without Filing For Bankruptcy

We offer alternatives to bankruptcy, including:

Debt consolidation: Companies that advertise debt consolidation services often prey on consumers; however, our lawyers are personally interested in your success. We may be able to help you to consolidate your debts without putting your financial health at risk.

Loan modification: Credit card companies, banks, and other lenders are often more willing to negotiate for lower interest rates, principal amounts and other loan modifications when the debtor is represented by an experienced debt relief lawyer. We can represent you in negotiations with your lender to obtain the mortgage modification, loan reduction or another result you need.

Foreclosure defense: Banks have to prove default before they can foreclose on a property. Our attorneys have experience in providing effective foreclosure defense for homeowners, small-business owners and other property owners who risk losing their investments to aggressive foreclosure actions. We can work to save your home and obtain a debt settlement establishing a more reasonable payment schedule.

Don’t Throw Away Good Money After Bad

People like to do the right thing. For many people with debts, “the right thing” is to continuously pay on debts, even when those debts inevitably destroy their finances, their family lives and their health. This may work in the short-term, but it is not an ideal way for you to live the rest of your life.

We respect and admire the desire to “do right” so long as it accomplishes more good than harm. If you find yourself caught in a spiral of debt that is unfair or is damaging your quality of life, it may be time to re-examine your approach for your own good and the good of those who depend on you.

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The Columbus debt negotiation attorneys at Guerrieri, Cox & Associates, LLC. can help you. Contact us for a free consultation, and we can discuss all of your options for reducing or eliminating your debts while protecting your money, your property, your retirement savings and other important assets.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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