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Guerrieri, Cox & Associates, LLC.

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We will always be honest with you, even if it hurts.

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You are important and deserve the best service.


With over 30 years experience in Federal Bankruptcy – we know bankruptcy.

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Experience can make the difference during the difficult cases.

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You didn’t contact us to get rejected. Our results speak for themselves.

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One of the resluts of a successful bankruptcy filing is the feeling of security.


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When the phone calls begin to ring, at home, on the cell, at the office, and your emotions are at the end of your ropes. Often it is the family that begins to suffer from the financial stress. Protect your family and call us today. We’ll help you find a solution to stop the phone calls and get you back on track.


How do you know what can be protected or what you might lose? Isn’t that one of the biggest fears? Will you lose your car? Your house? Your savings? We will be able to help you understand the law and how it is there to protect you.

Protect Your Family Columbus Debt Relief
Protect Yourself with Columbus Debt Relief


You know times have been hard. It’s not the bills that are the issue. It’s the lack of income. We can’t predict what is going to happen in our future. Today you may have a great job, a wonderful family, fun relationships. Tomorrow it can all change. It’s time to allow someone else to carry some of your burden.


Remember the days when you were able to smile and enjoy the sunshine? Are those days past right now? Do you feel like you’re barely going to make it until tomorrow? Sometimes, just allowing someone else to help stop the collection activities can help tremendously. We’re here to help.

Protect your Mental Health by working with Columbus Debt Relief

Anyone can lose control of their finances. Medical emergencies, unemployment, divorce and other obligations can overwhelm the coping abilities of even the most financially prudent person.

If you are in serious debt, you face a choice. You can free yourself from debt or you can remain a prisoner to it.

At Guerrieri, Cox & Associates, LLC., in Columbus, Ohio, we have helped thousands of indebted people throughout central Ohio to regain control of their finances by managing, and even eliminating their debts. Our experienced debt-reduction attorneys can free you from your debts and lead you to financial freedom using legal tools provided under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and other laws:

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Providing Your Path To Financial Freedom


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